Over the past decade, emerging threats have challenged our public health response systems around the world and brought into focus the limitations of our current methods of detection. Traditional, centralized laboratory methods to diagnose a range of infectious diseases have been far too slow and cumbersome. Therefore, rapid and accurate diagnostic tests are considered an invaluable tool for personalized patient treatment, resulting in improved clinical outcomes. The challenge in most cases is that currently available tools are simply impractical in terms of speed, sensitivity, cost and accuracy, while covering only a small range of clinical applications. These obstacles are even more pronounced when one needs to address challenges at low-resource settings quickly and effectively. Similar issues are present in sectors other than medicine, such as food and environmental monitoring, where a rapid diagnostic device for biological testing (e.g., pathogen detection) would save both time and money, as well as confine disease outbreaks.

DxOnBoard’s focus is delivering innovative healthcare solutions using rapid, cost-effective, and accurate molecular diagnostics performed in Lab-on-a-chip (LoC) platforms, providing exceptional sensitivity and specificity. DxOnBoard LoC technology is Printed Circuit Board (PCB)-based, a game-changing technology for providing cost effective, rapid, and low consumption diagnostic devices. It aspires to provide innovative diagnostic solutions based on the development of fully automated sample-to-result platforms that offer accurate and highly reliable molecular information from virtually any biological sample.